Forest School Vision Statement:

At forest school we envision that each child will be supported in their connection to self, others and nature. The aim will be to support overall wellbeing whilst being in a woodland environment.

What is Forest School?

At forest school we embrace children’s awe, connections and curiosity of the natural learning environment of the woodland and forest floor.

We follow the six principals of Forest School:

  1. Forest school is a process that includes longterm and regular sessions. This allows for observations and adaptations that are discussed at weekly reviews that bring forward the groups and children’s needs and interests. It creates time and space that children can build relationships with the FSL, staff, other children and nature.
  2. The Woodland Setting allows for relationships between child and it to develop and to learn through child led learning and also some directed learning about our environment. “We cant love what we don’t know”
  3. Forest School brings community together in the group through offering play opportunities, opening and closing circles. It is an environment that values the opportunity to “be” and belong.
  4. Forest School aims to foster creative learners, independent learning and the development of the child in a Holistic way.
  5. Forest school embraces the opportunity to take supported and appropriate risks.
  6. Forest school leaders will all be all qualified and who value continuous professional development.


Forest School carries out a range of activities. These activities support the development of social emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs of the children that attend. Peer learning is encouraged and also working together to solve and over come challenges is encouraged.

Nature crafts, Song, Carving and whittling, Group games, Rope work,
Free play, Looking after wildlife, Fire lighting, Foraging, Bug hunts, Mindfulness, Shelter building, Plant Identification, Story Telling,
Using tools, Hammock, Clay, Mud kitchen