HI! my name is Cathy. I work with children who may have mixed up feelings or who might have experienced something difficult. You may be feeling sad, nervous, scared or angry. My job is to help you with those feelings through playing. Then you can feel better. Play is pretty cool in that way! You don’t have to explain things to me. It can be hard to talk about feelings.

Why You Are Here?

You might be looking at this website because an adult that cares for you is thinking about you and thinking that play therapy might help you. For play therapy to begin, I will meet with that person and then you in your home. I will introduce myself, and let you know more about coming to see me. You will get to figure out if you would like to come and then we can make a plan.


About My Room

I have a special room where children come to play with me about their feelings and experiences. My room has lots of different types of toys – Puppets, sand, art, clay, castle, role play toys, house, cosy corner and lots more to choose from – you will see some pictures here that will be of toys in my room!

About Play Therapy

In play therapy we meet the same day every week and at the same time. You come to me for 50mins and a grownup will wait for you while you are with me. This is your special time where you can choose what and how you wish to play – you are the expert in play! I will keep you safe. It’s ok to be quiet or loud, talk or play, draw or what ever feels right to you on the day.

You are free to talk about the sessions with whoever you wish too. I won’t be talking to anyone about how you play. On session 5, I will speak with you before I meet with your parents/carers about what I will be saying in the adults meeting and what you wish to have talked about too. I will meet with your parents/carers and will figure out ways together about how we can help you. We will all work together for what’s best for you.

When you are feeling happy again I will help you to get ready to finish coming to see me.