Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security is a parenting programme. It is an attachment based reflective parenting class that is designed to draw out parent’s own intuitive knowledge and help caregivers follow their own children’s needs. It that is ran over 8-12 weeks with a group size of 8-10 participants. Each class is 1.5-2hrs long. It is aimed for parents of children 0-5yrs old but is also for older children. This programme can be delivered to individual parents also. In these cases each session is an hour long

COS was developed by Bert Powell, Kent Hoffman, and Glen Cooper in 2007. They began to work together in 1985 and in 1990’s they focused on the clinical application of attachment theory. Kent, Bert and Glen and his colleagues received the Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention Award in Washington State for their work in the Circle of Security® Project. COS was piloted in 6 countries in 30 different sites. It is an evidence based programme.


After 50 years of research we know that the more secure children are the more they are able to enjoy happiness with their parents, feel less anger at their parents, turn to their parents for help when in trouble, solve problems on their own, have lasting friendships, have higher self- esteem, trust that good things will come their way and trust the people they love.


  • Parents to have a fuller understanding of their children’s needs
  • Supporting parent’s empathy to see children’s acting out as a call for help or emotional connection.
  • Build happy secure relationships
  • Understanding parents own “state of mind” and effect that has on own reactions to child’s behaviours
  • Understand that we are relational beings. We do not learn to welcome our feelings especially the difficult ones alone – we learn to welcome them in relationship.
  • Help parents understand need for repairs when there is disruptions to the relationship

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