Time well spent with Cathy and our family. Very calming and creative, lovely atmosphere and soothing. Our kids still talk about this time.

Emma – Participant of Spring to Summer Parent and Child Mindful Workshops

Our Values:

Roots in Connection

Humans need connection to thrive, and we believe that it's deeply innate to our wellbeing. We work in a type of ecosystem together, just like the woodland – the “wood wide web,”...

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Wood Wide Wellbeing

We provide guided workshops and experiences that embrace the soothing aspects of nature, promoting connection, calm and focus. Our belief is that Mindfulness in nature bathes our senses...

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Heartfelt Learning Habitat

We provide supportive education outdoors that offers professionals and parents/carers psychoeducation. These teachings looks at the emotional needs in children and wellbeing which is rooted...

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Rekindling our innate connection

strengthening our innate connections with our environment within the Nurturing relationships between parents and children is important. We believe that by creating a supportive and nurturing environment, children can...

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Awe and Wonder

We are always open to be enchanted by the magical sense of a woodland adventure. We encourage people to take the time to appreciate the awe and wonder...

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Child Led

At Wild Roots children are our core focus. Our sessions while planned will adapt to the needs and experiences of the children in the group – where...

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