• wood

    Led by the Wild

    Rooted in connection (Freamh nasc) As the year draws to a close - a time for reflection opens. Reflection on my woodland work and my own nature connection journey in 2022....

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  • flyer

    Circle of Security Parenting Course

    Details for my Circle of Security Parenting Course...

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  • santa

    Modern Day Santa: Time for Threats or Time for Connection?

    The festive season is upon us. Yes….. Already! I have to say it’s crept up pretty fast this year. Some of the hot topics in your house might be: Santa, the List, the Elf, the school play, presents. Christmas. As we all know, ‘tis the season of goodwill and kindness...

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  • nature

    Look to nature

    “Look to nature” are words that are echoed from my childhood, from my mother.

    “Look to nature for guidance”. With this is mind I start my first blog. A blog about free unstructured play!

    You’ve all heard the saying “As playful as a kitten”?

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