Parent and Child Mindful Workshop

At Wild Roots we value connection and wellbeing.
Four Month Nature Based Parent and Child Mindfulness Programme that will bring us through the transitions of seasosn from Spring to Summer or Autumn to Winter. Once a month for four months we will join together at Kilpatrick woods for a 2 hour Nature Based Mindfulness group. Nature connection, mindful practices, stories, creativity and play will all unfold during these workshops.

Each month will harvest a new theme as we move from Spring to Summer or from Autumn to Winter.
The first month will focus on the Senses.
The next will practice open awareness and feelings,
The following session inviting us to look at how Everything belongs - all feelings are welcome visitors
Our final session we will carry out practices that focus on Gratitude.

At the woods we have 3 guides:

  • Be a friend to yourself
  • Be a friend to each other
  • Be a friend to nature

During each session Cathy will work with the needs and be led by the group and by nature. Due to this adaptative response sometimes sessions don’t go as Cathy has planned. Maybe “being with” the discovery of tree seedlings growing and the utter joy of their presence and urge of wonder means that an other planned part of the session takes a backseat. And yet here is mindfulness - “being with” the emerging moments in the Here and Now! The earth will nourish your heart and we hope that you will enjoy moments of shared delight and awe with your child.



  • Learn to “be” in the woodlands with your child in a mindful way
  • Deepen connection with nature and each other
  • Provides a sense of calm
  • Learn more about emotions
  • Celebrate the life, beauty and resilience of the woodland

Things that are helpful to know:

  • It is important for children and adults to be dressed appropriately so that they stay warm and safe while they are in the woods. This includes suitable footwear, that allows you to walk through rough ground and obstacles.
  • Dress for the weather! It is always easy to take off layers, but not as easy to warm up once you are cold!
  • Bring a yoga mat if you wish for comfort sitting.
  • Apply sun cream and bug spray when appropriate.
  • Long trouser legs advisable to protect from tick bites.
  • Bring a snack and warm/cold drink
  • Kids can get messy
  • I’ll have a small first aid kit

"Time well spent with Cathy and our family. Very calming and creative, lovely atmosphere and soothing. Our kids still talk about this time". Emma – Participant of Parent and Child Mindful Workshops

"Thank you so much Cathy for the wonderful woodland group. It was a fantastic journey from Spring to Summer in the woods. It was so lovely to be out in nature in all weather, especially the downpour on our last Sunday, which was definitely the most memorable with all the laughter. Cathal continues to talk about it and is looking forward to our next group". Participant of Parent and Child Mindful Workshops Spring 2022

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